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Wednesday August 01 2012 05:55 AM

Last Summer saw the launch of our first Annual Report with the NHS-funded Avon Somerset and Wiltshire Cancer Services (ASWCS) Network. It was to be based on the challenges and progress to improve cancer services for patients and carers within Avon, Somerset and Wiltshire.

After winning the pitch for the Report, we took time to get to know the Comms team at ASWCS, and really got to grips with their expectations - how we could exceed them?
An open brief is an exciting and daunting prospect, which we grabbed with both hands. The Report needed to be relevant to it's readership, but also presented in a refreshing and positive light.
ASWCS were delighted with the way we represented a sensitive subject in such an uplifting and creative way. Bright colours and striking photography underpinned the whole tone of our rationale, and we're thrilled with the outcome - and the reaction.
Reports and Accounts tend to fall into two camps - rather sterile and functional, or creative and aspirational. We're happy to file this in 'creative and aspirational'! Thanks to our friends at ASWCS - we look forward to our next adventure with you!

Author: Nick Cleeve

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Created at Wednesday 01 August 2012 05:55

By Nick Cleeve