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Wednesday August 01 2012 05:57 AM

What about doing a project by students, for students? That was the suggestion made to Gordano school by Nick, MD of pace. Nick says: "I believe as an owner of a local business, I have a social responsibility to engage with local community where I can. I feel very passionate about schools particularly and felt I could provide a positive influence and 'give something back'. I'm also keen to provide mentoring opportunities, helping to encourage and enthuse young people."

And what better way to put this into action than setting up a collaborative project with the pace team and sixth formers from Gordano school. We already have a great relationship with the school, and we suggested they offered to their students an opportunity to work with us on an alternative sixth form prospectus as a real industry project - from start to finish.
Nick felt that by producing the prospectus themselves, the students would be able to connect on the same level as potential students, who would currently be making their sixth form destination choices, and have far more impact and resonance than traditional prospectuses.
The school embraced the concept wholeheartedly, which we were delighted about. Our design and consultancy services were gladly offered free of charge - and we set to work as a team planning the content, layout and look. Working together at our Clevedon premises, we made sure the students were the driving force behind the project - under our watchful eye of course! And the results were fantastic.
The enthusiasm shown by the students faced with the opportunity of working in a professional environment, plus bringing what they'd learned in the classroom to life, was extraordinary. It worked as well as we could have hoped for - really highlighting the ambitions of the students - including those who have now gone on to study Graphic Design at University.
Not only were the students empowered by the project, but the governors and staff of Gordano were so impressed at having had such a positive experience from working with us, it is anticipated to now become part of the curriculum. We'll look forward to working with next year's talent!
Pats on the back all round, and we sincerely hope to be able to offer this on a regular basis. In fact, we're already working with other local schools, plus Weston College.

Author: Allan Finnie

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Created at Wednesday 01 August 2012 05:57

By Allan Finnie