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Wednesday August 01 2012 06:03 AM

Back in the Summer of 2011, there was an opportunity for Weston College to arrange a placement for a third year design student in house here at pace. This would give the student a valuable insight into a professional design studio, working on real live projects for real live clients!

Nick was keen to give an opportunity to a student, helping develop their skills and set them on a positive path to their career. And so we welcomed Lucy Finch!

Lucy began her placement with us in September 2011, for a day every week. During her holidays, she was so keen to get more experience she came in nearly every day to work! Alongside her studies, Lucy worked with us and learned about the mechanics of print production and design, brought fresh new ideas to the table, supported us on a huge range of projects and even came with us at to Exhibition with our friends at Merlin Housing.

Lucy has progressed really well and finished her degree with a 2:1. We've been so impressed with her she is now officially part of our team, working full time as a junior Graphic Designer!

Nick says: "I've achieved everything I could have asked for here, giving a chance to a student who really embraced and understood the opportunity offered to her. I feel personal satisfaction from this - it's a real example of what can be achieved when a business both acknowledges and delivers on their social responsibility within the community."

And from Lucy: "I have had the opportunity to join the team at pace, working alongside designers and printers. It has given me the chance to learn new skills and develop my knowledge in the design and print world.

Everyone at pace has been so welcoming and helpful to me through the past year and contributed greatly in helping me complete my University degree with a 2:1.

I am so thankful to everyone here and grateful for this opportunity given to me. It is a pleasure to be able to work alongside such lovely, talented people."

Read more about Lucy in her 'Mr Wiggles' blog.

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