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Tuesday May 07 2013 03:51 PM

Over £2500 raised and still counting!!

The London Marathon is finally over, and projections are that the total amount raised is going to be over £2500 including gift aid.

Tom said: It was such an amazing day, the weather was absolutely beautiful - almost too good!
Runners were struggling with the temperatures having trained in the snow and cold for most of the last 6 months.
In fact, over 5000 of entrants had to receive some kind of medical attention this year, a reflection of how hot it really was.

The London Marathon is incredible, what an atmosphere. It basically felt like a huge street party with people running through it!
There were over half a million people spectating this year and they really helped, as did having my name printed on my vest -  I could hear people calling it out every few minutes and it was so encouraging.

There seemed to be a party going on in every street we ran through, there were brass bands, PA’s, DJs playing pubs - pretty much everything you could imagine, Running to the strains of Madness going through Lambeth was one particularly uplifting memory!

The best part was at around 18 miles when I hit the Isle of Dogs and saw my family waiting, what a great feeling that was. Apparently I looked really happy, this was soon to change around the 20 mile mark when things suddenly got really tough!

It took a huge effort to keep going at this part, and miles 20 - 24 really took it out of me.
However, once I knew there were only a couple of miles to go, and I hit the embankment there was no way I was going to stop - especially after high-fiving Colin Jackson (Olympic Gold Medallist!), I gave him no choice to be fair!

Crossing the finish line was such a relief, I had run the whole 26.2 miles without stopping, I thought I had nothing left but the sight of a chap in his fifties crossing just behind me, in just his pants, had me in stitches! What a sight that was!! He was an Australian fellow and apparently forgot his shorts, so he thought he would just run the whole thing in his pants, God bless the Aussies!

Seeing my family at the end really was the best feeling, and they helped me hobble over to the Reform Club in Pall Mall for the VICTA reception.
This is beautiful building which opened in 1841 and VICTA host their post-race party there every year.
Here we were able to meet  face-to-face all the lovely people who run the charity and administrate. They were delighted with all the runners efforts, and provided us with some well needed refreshments and even a post race massage!

All in all it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and I couldn’t believe the generosity of all the people who sponsored me.
In October last year I never dreamt I would be able to raise so much money, so to see the total today makes me so proud.”

You can still sponsor Tom by visiting www.virginmoneygiving.com/tomsharp
This site will be active until May 14 2013

You can find out more about VICTA by vising their website: www.victa.org.uk

Author: Tom Sharp

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Created at Tuesday 07 May 2013 03:51

By Tom Sharp