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Tuesday April 01 2014 09:01 AM

As a highly experienced communications organisation committed to bringing the best in creative design, we were thrilled to be approached to build a new website for  Elijah’s Hope. This community interest company has been established in honour of eight-year-old Elijah, who has a rare genetic condition. The organisation aims to help other south west families experiencing child ill health or disability. 

Founder Kaddy Thomas approached pace with her request for a new website to express the philosophy behind Elijah’s Hope and how it could help others. Working with Kaddy from initial design concepts through to completion, we have designed a brand new website, which we hope fully demonstrates the aims of the organisation. 

Working in conjunction with Paramount PR, who brought Elijah’s Hope to life in written form via the website copy, we have produced a website of which we believe Kaddy can be extremely proud.

As a result, the shiny new website is now fully operational and we hope our creation will help many families across the south west to get the help they need.

Author: Allan Finnie

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Created at Tuesday 01 April 2014 09:01

By Allan Finnie