Bristol Care Homes - Quarry House Interior Signage

Tuesday August 07 2018 03:02 PM

We designed and produced the new dementia friendly interior branding and signage at Quarry House - the newest addition to Bristol Care Homes' portfolio. 

After extensive research we implemented a complete new design scheme at Quarry House that covers all four floors of the home.
Each floor has been renamed according to a theme of Garden, Meadow, Ocean and Sky. Attractive murals run along the corridors to give residents a sense of recognition, orientation and familiarity. Bold pictures and attractive creative signage now decorate the lobby to each floor.
Previous developments in creating dementia friendly environments have relied on strong colour, but we opted instead for familiar themes which are very appealing and recognisable.









Author: Libby

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Created at Tuesday 07 August 2018 03:02

By Libby