Milestones Trust - Recruitment Campaign

Monday March 04 2019 08:18 AM

Our client, Milestones Trust, have just launched a regional recruitment campaign aimed at bringing caring, compassionate and creative people into crucial care roles.

We designed and produced an integrated marketing campaign to highlight how Milestones Trust work together to create a strong team within the care sector.


The most important part of the campaign was to show how the staff work ‘together’ with the service users and with each other.


We wanted to include the Milestones trust branding as it is so strong, but to have a different look and feel as to make the viewer aware it was a separate campaign. We used the Milestones Trust brand colours but a restricted, more vibrant pallet was introduced.



We produced a series of six video testimonials, within different care sectors, interviewing actual staff at the Trust who could deliver on the together message; talking about empowering the people they support. During the filming, we took stills that would work for the static assets including print material and web imagery.



The new campaign had to work on a new parallel website with Milestones Trust – to feel as part of the site but to stand out as a different section.






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Created at Monday 04 March 2019 08:18

By Libby