Let us help provide Home Learning Packs for your students

Tuesday March 24 2020 03:39 PM

Given the unprecedented circumstances, we’re offering our support to schools by producing their Home Learning Packs with reduced print costs, no charge for paper and no charge for delivery.

We understand that a lot of home schooling is being done online, but we’re also aware that not all students will have access to the internet or printers and will therefore require hard copies of the work. By running this service we’re hoping to help save schools a fortune on in-house reproduction costs and staff resources too. 

This initiative is already up and running for a number of schools and trusts so we know the system works.  

Please get in touch if we can help. It’s really important to us that we assist in any way we can.

Contact: Neil@hellopace.com 

Author: Libby


Created at Tuesday 24 March 2020 03:39

By Libby